3 advantages of hiring an outside recruiting firm

Whether companies want to face it or not, the fact is, hiring new employees costs money and takes time. Engaging an outside recruitment firm can end up saving on both of these valuables.

Here are a few of the key advantages you'll see when you decide to get outside help with hiring and recruiting tasks.

1. Help when you need it
If you only have hiring needs a couple times a year, an outside firm can be cost-efficient. You won't have to pay a full-time salary for a recruitment staff member – you pay for services only when you need them. And, as the Houston Chronicle pointed out, companies also won't have to spend time and money advertising for open positions.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you're hiring multiple employees per month, think of all the time spent reviewing applications and resumes. If this is being done by managers or team members in-house, that time is likely better spent on running the business or other tasks related to specific roles.

By hiring an outside recruiting firm, you can decide how frequently you require these services based on your actual needs.

Hiring an outside recruitment firm allows a company to only pay for services when they need them.Hiring an outside recruitment firm allows a company to only pay for services when they need them.

2. Detailed candidate reviews, but less interviewing
Working with a recruitment professional outside of your company can help you gain another perspective on candidates and the needs of a specific role. Instead of personally reviewing each resume and trying to narrow the results yourself, recruiters can look for key job experiences or resume details that will easily rule out unqualified candidates.

This makes your pool smaller for interviewing, and you're not wasting time looking through a ton of slush applications.

3. Better employees in the roles
It's not uncommon for managers to desperately sort through resumes while also trying to do the work of the empty position they're trying to fill. As a result, decisions can be rushed, as the focus is sometimes on taking the work off of the manager's plate. 

But if teams didn't have to spend as much time on candidate review, they could more easily split up the extra work until the right candidate comes along. By allowing an outside party to assist with the recruitment process, you'll open up a lot of time and ensure that the best person for the job gets hired, Recruiting Daily suggested.

Additionally, because recruitment firms are specialized in finding the best talent possible, they have access to networks that companies normally wouldn't have on their own. Their job is to research and evaluate professionals who would fit the bill, both in experience and perhaps demeanor. 

This is why many companies use outside recruiters for high-level positions. It's not worth hiring the wrong person in haste. YES Partners understands this and make it easy to find the right candidate for your company. To see some of the roles we have already successfully placed, click here.

Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people for all company functions, across many industries.

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