3 essential factors for embracing digital transformation

Digital transformation can be a Rosetta Stone that unlocks the possibilities of your business in a paradigm-shifting fashion. This is true across a wide variety of industries, even those that only began adding tech infrastructure to their company's operations in earnest fairly recently. According to a survey conducted by Webtorials for its 2019 Digital Transformation Market Trends Report, 78 percent of respondents – all of them IT professionals – said that the sectors to which their companies belonged were rapidly evolving to such a degree that digital transformation was necessary.

Take a look at some essential considerations to account for if you want to bring greater automation, agility and overall performance to your organization:

Embrace digital transformation with open armsDigital transformation involves the adoption of cloud platforms, sophisticated IT infrastructure, AI and other cutting-edge tools – and must be overseen by the best tech talent.

A strong focus on data
According to Forbes, businesses that intend to embark on the path to a successful digital transformation should begin with an operational culture steeped in the judicious use of data. Such an initiative can't easily begin, let alone come to fruition unless your organization has taken the time to monitor certain key performance indicators as assessments of its overall performance – particularly those metrics pertinent to tech use.

KPIs vary considerably between companies, of course, but common benchmarks include the following: measuring how much of your software and hardware are industry-standard and up to date as opposed to legacy, determining your level of insight (or lack thereof) into not only sales and traffic but also more elusive factors like client engagement, your ability to easily create future projections of revenue and more.

Alignment of goals
According to CMSWire, you can't hope to bring about organizational digital transformation if your IT initiatives aren't in line with the company's overall goals and values – and vice versa. While there's room for some legitimate skepticism regarding some of the newest tech advances, like machine learning, general resistance to IT is dangerous. You need to secure buy-in on digital transformation across departments and throughout the workforce.

The guidance of talent
Even if everyone from the entry level to the C-suite is excited about large-scale updates, they won't work without the right people. If the current members of your IT department aren't up to the challenge of digital transformation, or you don't have enough of them with the right abilities and motivation, you immediately need to look for new personnel who can bridge this skills gap.

Recruiting top IT talent with proven experience and a clear vision for digital transformation initiatives can sometimes be a challenge – but not for YES Partners. We excel at locating tech experts who will help bring your company toward the digital future in a cost-efficient and efficacious manner. To see some of the roles we have already successfully placed, click here.

Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people for all company functions, across many industries.

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