3 reasons job boards don’t work

Since the advent of the internet, organizations in almost every sector have sourced candidates via job boards. Unfortunately, this practice, while convenient, rarely yields viable applicants and often makes more work for already overwhelmed internal human resources personnel. Why hasn't the web successfully conquered the recruitment process?

Extreme application volumes
When recruiting for key C-level staff, it's best to start with a narrow talent pool filled with qualified candidates. Job boards don't facilitate such an approach and instead inundate hiring managers with hundreds of applications. Most of these come from individuals who don't have the requisite executive experience, according to Business Insider.

Job boards rarely yield strong candidates with requisite executive experience.Job boards rarely yield strong candidates with requisite executive experience.

Unfit candidates
Today, an estimated 70 percent of professionals find jobs through various industry contacts, including executive search consultants, U.S. News and World Report found. This means these candidates have real allies who will vouch for them and confirm their bona fides. Job board scanners, on the other hand, usually don't possess such connections, which doesn't bode well for their prospects as business leaders.

Ineffective screening
Recruitment workflows with online job boards often rely on computerized application systems that automatically screen candidates based on the information they input. This may seem like a time-saver, however, these platforms regularly screen out perfectly qualified candidates due to overly restrictive search variables, PBS reported.

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