Are you prepared to expand internationally?

The global marketplace holds exciting opportunities for businesses eyeing overseas expansion. However, actually executing an international move requires serious company resources and help from internal and external personnel who can lay the groundwork for successful market entry. Recruitment is, of course, a serious concern, as stateside businesses must hire professionals in new international locations to effectively integrate into the local business community. How can expansion-minded businesses ease this process and score high-level leaders overseas?

Address differing cultural norms
Employees in different nations often adhere to unique cultural norms. Organizations looking to expand internationally must address these differences and develop methods for overcoming them, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. That may require offering additional training for internal HR staff or partnering with a global executive search firm that can make the proper introductions and give advice on navigating cultural roadblocks.

"Employees in different nations often adhere to unique cultural norms."

Work with local organizations
Businesses entering new markets overseas aren't simply opening up office space – they are integrating into entirely new business communities. Consequently, it's wise to make connections with the organizations that drive these groups. Besides reaching out to organizations like local chambers of commerce, working with a global executive search firm that can offer a lay of the land and target specific promising local talent is typically a safe bet to reach more qualified candidates.

Make offers in person
When it comes time to extend offers to the overseas executive leaders tasked with running the satellite site, stateside business leaders should make the trip and do it in-person. Why? This shows new overseas contributors that they are valued and have the support of their colleagues at the home office, according to Training Magazine. This minor move can set overseas operations up for future success, giving the staff there the confidence they need to break into the local market.

Headquarters staff need to demonstrate their commitment to the region or country. Additionally, once a search firm presents qualified candidates, the company itself is on the spot to reassure international executives about the future of operations in that country.

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