Are you ready for the tech war for talent?

The technology sector continues to grow as engineers and programmers develop new innovations designed to ease the background processes of life. Businesses are of course taking advantage of these creations, integrating advanced enterprise technology into workflows of all kinds. Worldwide information technology spending is expected to increase 2.7 percent to $3.5 trillion this year, according to data from Gartner. This rapid operational modernization has forced businesses to bolster their IT ranks and seek out indispensable technical specialists who cannot only manage modern enterprise systems and devices but also offer guidance on how the organization might weather future technological challenges. How can a company in need of such talent successfully navigate the crowded IT recruitment waters? Here some strategies for doing just that:

Target smaller markets
While a good number of talented IT professionals certainly congregate around big cities such as New York and San Francisco, many more live in smaller markets in the Midwest and Southeast, FastCompany reported. Consequently, savvy human resources personnel shift their attention to these areas where competition is less fierce. Most offer up relocation packages and sign-on bonuses to sweeten the pot to draw out hidden talent and bolster their IT teams.

"Offering the right perks at the right time can go a long way toward netting the perfect IT addition."

Pay attention to perks
Organizations searching for premier IT talent go up against companies such as Google and Microsoft – heavy hitters known for doling out healthy compensation packages stuffed with perks. These offerings are well out of reach for small, midsize and even some larger firms. However, that doesn't mean more modestly resourced HR teams should just give up. Offering the right perks at the right time can go a long way toward netting the perfect IT addition, according to FastCompany. Companies should put together multiple offers with different compensatory configurations. Additionally, maintaining new-age workplace programs can also help, especially when it comes to recruiting younger workers.

Work with a partner
Although internal efforts can produce results, you might need help from an external resource when looking for top IT talent. Executive search firms are the ideal option here, as these organizations can leverage strong industry connections to reach out to passive job seekers who may be thinking of pursuing new opportunities but have yet to take action. Keep in mind also this is all they do, i.e. their focus day-by-day! Is your company prepared to up its IT recruitment efforts and hire transformative new talent for the tech department? Connect with YES Partners today.   

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