Are your C-level leaders making the grade?

Defining success in the C-suite is no easy task. Unlike shop floor personnel who generate tangible work products tied to quantifiable performance targets, chief executives provide top-down organization and vision, both of which are difficult to measure against overarching goals – even financial ones. Consequently, many enterprises continue to retain business leaders who miss the mark.

Luckily, there is a way to quantify performance among C-level staff and ensure they are making the grade. How? Check for these key skills:

Business management fundamentals
These days, many executive leaders leverage sector-specific expertise to rise to the top. While these knowledgeable professionals might grasp the inner-workings of the enterprise, they may be ill-equipped to lead it, according to Harvard Business Review. C-level staff should understand the basics of business.

Chief human resources officers must know how to coordinate succession planning and recruit to match market trends, while chief financial officers should be able to balance the books and optimize company financial resources. No amount of technical know-how can make up for these foundational executive competencies.

"Even the most seasoned and skilled C-level leaders cannot do it alone."

Flexibility and openness
The modern marketplace dictates that companies facilitate maximum scalability to address mercurial customer demands. Of course, this often begins and ends with the decision-makers occupying the corner offices, The Wall Street Journal reported. Effective business leaders display flexibility and a willingness to change course when conditions warrant such a shift. Feckless executives, on the other hand, cling to fruitless strategies to sate their egos.

Team-based tendencies
Even the most seasoned and skilled C-level leaders cannot do it alone. Transformative executives realize this and facilitate company-wide collaboration, according to Harvard Business Review. This promotes scalability and builds the groundwork for future success.

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