Changing health care IT landscape requires new leadership

Technology and health are fully entwined. Today, more than 67 percent of U.S. physicians use electronic health records, according to research from the health care market research firm SK&A. Web-enabled clinical devices are common in wards across the country, as doctors and nurses collect massive amounts of patient data to develop evidence-based treatments. Simultaneously, technology firms engineer newer innovations such as the supercomputer IBM Watson, which can search medical images for tell-tale signs of disease, the MIT Technology Review reported.

With this state of affairs in play, organizations navigating the health care space must locate skilled leaders who can lead them through this ever-changing technological climate. What traits should such executives possess?

Passion for innovation
C-suite dwellers in health care must be willing to experiment with the many new technologies materializing within the industry, according to the Harvard Business Review. As cutting-edge innovations such as machine learning gain traction, hospital and health system leaders should be prepared to engage with these tools and seek out possible use cases, as others in the sector certainly will.

Customer service mentality
The crystallization of patient-centered care – a symptom of rapid technological modernization – has changed how treatments are packaged and delivered. Now, organizations must collaborate with newly empowered patients provide cost-effective care, according to Becker's Hospital Review. Today's health care leaders must recognize this new reality and treat patients as informed customers rather than sufferers in need of treatment, no matter the cost.

"C-suite dwellers in health care must be willing to experiment with the many new technologies."

An understanding of data
Modern health care organizations depend on data, as administrative and clinical teams wade through terabytes of information when moving patients in and out of wards. Consequently, leaders in the sector must be able to address data collection and usage and understand how it affects operations.    

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