Frequently Asked Questions

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Is YES Partners working on a Contingency or a Retained basis?

A Contingency Firm (sometimes also called “Selection”) refers to non-exclusivity with a company and candidates, and works primarily by broadcasting resumes for candidates.

A Retained Search refers to a Search Firm working exclusively for a company. (similar to a lawfirm)

YES Partners works on assignments with no upfront payment (no risk model)

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What are the advantages working with YES Partners?

  • No upfront payment.
    We prove first that we can actually deliver.
  • We work by the “lead-office-principle,” meaning the contact at YES Partners remains the same regardless in which country or part of the world the client company needs help.
  • Vast international network and experience.
  • Wide experience in Industries and Functions.

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In which geographic areas is YES Partners primarily active?

traditionally in North-America (USA, Canada) Europe and Asia. Increasingly also in Latin-America and the MidEast.

Does YES Partners only help companies or can YES Partners help me as an individual candidate to find a new job?

YES Partners clients are always Companies.

However, any individual candidate is welcome to submit his/her resume for future positions in word.doc format.

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YES Partners finds exceptional candidates companies otherwise don’t have access to.
What does this mean?

There are two types of candidates:

  • Active Candidates refers to candidates actively looking for a new job.
  • Passive/Hidden Candidates are employed and doing innovative work in their company. They are not looking at job-boards or sending out resumes and very often they also don't have any public profiles.
    This means:
    1. a company cannot reach these candidates
    2. these candidates are not aware of any opportunities

Passive/Hidden Candidates are the most desirable and are the ones
YES Partners is focusing on.

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What type of positions (titles) does YES Partners search for?

  • many from Director-Level upwards.
  • All V-Level (VP/Vice Presidents)
  • All C-Level (CEO/CFO/COO s.o. Executives, Country Managers)
  • Any Position considered as ”Difficult-to-fill”

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What type of companies does YES Partners search for?

Our clients range from Startups all the way up to Fortune 50 companies.

How long does a search at YES Partners take?

From start until presentation of the shortlist on average 4-6 weeks. Lots of information and details are however provided in between based on the weekly progress reports.

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What is YES Partners’ fee structure?

Single searches are typically 20-25% based on annual total compensation. Other arrangements are possible for multiple searches or Startups.

When was YES Partners established?

The first search was carried out 1994 in Tokyo, Japan.

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