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Organizations must look past job boards and deploy strategies that address this unique recruitment conundrum.
Organizations must look past job boards and deploy strategies that address this unique recruitment conundrum.

Many businesses allocate serious time and resources to maintaining job boards with the expectation that metamorphic talent will interact with these portals and come running. Of course, this set-it-and-forget-it recruitment methodology rarely yields results. Why? The real leaders are working, not searching career sites for new opportunities. Organizations must look past job boards and deploy strategies that address this unique recruitment conundrum. There is no shortage of battle-tested options.

Succession planning
When high-level positions open up, enterprises often look outside for candidates who can bring something new to the role. However, others dodge this situation altogether by recruiting from within, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Usually, this involves planning ahead for departures by having next-in-line personnel to fill certain positions should they open. Additionally, some businesses adopt nomination systems in which departing leaders in good standing can suggest their replacements. Though this strategy comes with obvious pitfalls, it can be effective if deployed in successful organizations with strong cultures.

“At some point, external collaboration becomes the only option.”

Outside-of-the-box solutions
When external recruitment is necessary, it can be easy to fall back on standbys like job-board-centered outreach. Alternative out-of-the-box strategies often yield stronger results, according to SHRM. For example, many human resources teams organize open houses or meetups for potential hires, allowing them to connect with internal recruiters and explore the business naturally before submitting resumes. These events usually draw only serious talent. Some organizations opt for flattery, researching ideal leaders and then sending them job pitches and presents that might get them interested, Business Insider reported.

Collaborating with third-parties
At some point, external collaboration becomes the only option. In these moments, global search firms can come through in big ways, offering seasoned search consultants with the industry knowledge and connections to successfully engage passive talent. Why are external recruiting firms more efficient and more successful in finding the right talent? Because they are not waiting for the right applicant to apply or are just filling a job, but from the beginning do a targeted (and sometimes confidential) search. In short, it is their ONLY goal to find the RIGHT candidate for that specific opening! On top of that doing only recruitment, external firms can identify the right candidates faster. Has your organization come to this juncture? Contact YES Partners today. Our search consultants can find leaders with executive experience and skills needed to move your company forward.

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