Global Executive Search

We help companies find exceptional candidates they otherwise don’t have access to.

What does this mean?

There are two types of candidates:

Active Candidates

refers to candidates actively looking for a new job.

Passive/Hidden Candidates

are employed and doing innovative work in their company. They are not looking at job-boards or sending out resumes.

This means:

  • a company cannot reach these candidates
  • these candidates are not aware of any opportunities

YES Partners is focusing on the Passive/Hidden candidates, which are the most desirable candidates.

Candidate Pool

14% Active Candidates
(unemployed or employed)

What should you expect from an Executive Search Firm?    

  • Quality candidates    
  • Delivery on time    
  • A cost-effective approach    
  • Flexibility    
  • Friendly and personalized service    
  • A results-oriented process    
  • Knowledge of your industry and market trends    
  • Trustworthiness and ethics

YES Partners offers all that and more:

  • We work within YOUR processes and time schedules.
  • We use only highly experienced consultants and each search assignment is “owned” by the consultant who has responsibility to see it through to conclusion.
  • We thoroughly screen and interview every qualified candidate face-to-face to ensure a perfect fit.
  • We keep two-way communication channels constantly open. Not only do we take the time upfront to listen to your needs and concerns, but we give weekly progress reports and provide constant marketplace feedback.
  • There is no payment due until we prove that we can "deliver".NoRisk
  • No upfront payment system means there is no risk to the client.