More than hype: Delivery drones poised to disrupt logistics recruitment

Of all the devices to emerge during the internet of things era, few have catalyzed as much widespread excitement within the enterprise information technology space as the drone. Both business analysts and technologists believe such vehicles open up many new opportunities for enterprises across numerous industries. However, organizations in one specific sector are leading the way when it comes to drone adoption: logistics. Major shippers like Amazon, FedEx and UPS are currently testing direct-to-consumer shipping workflows with unmanned aerial vehicles at the center, according to Venture Beat.

Delivery drone developments
Amazon laid the groundwork for actionable drone delivery more than four years back with the launch of Amazon Air. The program, which resembled little more than a marketing initiative when released, has since blossomed into a functioning shipping division with one fully operational facility in Cambridge, U.K., The New York Times reported. FedEx and UPS have followed suit, with the latter rolling out delivery vans equipped with drones that detach from roof-mounted base units to fly packages to customers' doors, according to Wired.

"Major shippers like Amazon, FedEx and UPS are currently testing direct-to-consumer shipping workflows with UAVs at the center."

Need in the HR department
Of course, this development is bound to affect nearly every aspect of business operations in the logistics sector, including recruitment. How? Companies navigating the space must now recruit forward-thinking leaders willing to embrace UAV initiatives and in-house technical talent with the skills needed to get such programs off the ground. However, even the most seasoned logistics companies may find this task difficult, as pinpointing the RIGHT candidates with the required skills is no easy task, especially for overwhelmed and undermanned human resources departments.

Third-party recruitment firms like YES Partners are the optimal solution. Our executive search consultants can leverage their industry connections to find professionals who have the expertise to develop and execute advanced technological initiatives, including drone delivery programs.

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