Our Methodology

Our unique search process keeps you informed every step of the way.

Our Methodology

Step 1

We take the time upfront to thoroughly understand the client’s organization and it’s needs (company vision, culture, management team, reporting lines, job-specification & requirements, scope, time-table...)

Step 2

Written confirmation of position, scope, timetable, fees, terms (Service-Agreement). YES Partners starts working on the search immediately upon receipt of the signed Service-Agreement.

Step 3

A consultant and researcher form a strategy for a targeted search (which companies, candidates, industries s.o.)

 Weekly Reports
Step 4

We provide weekly status reports of the progress of the search including feedback from the market.

Step 5

Thorough interviewing of potential candidates including evaluation, verification of credentials, assessment of strength and weaknesses and their cultural fit.

Step 6

All qualified candidates are added to the shortlist, which contains a summary and comments as to why YES Partners feels those candidates are suitable. (including their current salary-details)

 Shortlist Invoice
Step 7

Typically upon acceptance of the shortlist (in average 3-5 candidates) the first payment is due.

 Client Interviews
Step 8

YES Partners coordinates and sets up with the Client the candidate interviews.

 Reference Check
Step 9

YES Partners provides a reference check (360°) of a selected candidate. (i.e. typically prior Superiors, Peers and Subordinates)

Step 10

YES Partners assists to facilitate communication between the client and the favored candidate.

Step 11

The candidate confirms to the client the acceptance of the position. YES Partners continues to assist to acclimatize the candidate in the new position.

 Placement Invoice
Step 12

Upon acceptance of the position by the candidate, the 'Placement-fee' invoice is due. (Balance of the 1. invoice of the estimated package to the actual starting-package by the final candidate)

 Smooth Transition
Step 13

We follow-up with our client and the selected candidate(s) to assist in a smooth integration.