Signs you need to work with an executive recruiter

Most organizations depend on internal talent acquisition resources when recruiting for hard-to-fill or mission-critical roles. This strategy would seem to make sense. Why seek outside assistance when searching for professionals who could very well determine the direction of the organization? In reality, this in-house-only approach sometimes stalls progress, creating roadblocks that only external partners can help you overcome. Here are some of the common recruitment pitfalls that often prompt overly insular company recruiters to look elsewhere:    

Sluggish hiring processes
The hiring process, from application submission to offer acceptance, lasts 23 days, according to one study cited in The Wall Street Journal. While modern candidates have been conditioned to wait, businesses should still work to facilitate streamlined recruitment practices that unfold as quickly as possible. Why? Someone else is doing it quicker. Companies of all kinds lose out on transformative talent because they move too slowly. If you find yourself fielding copious candidate rejection emails, it may be time to rework your hiring model.

Global executive search firms work well in this situation, as they can take care of introductory screening sessions and allow your team to focus on more important, time-consuming tasks required later down the line.

Few responses from qualified candidates
In recent years, companies have refocused their efforts on digital branding and recruitment tasks meant to drive candidate engagement, the Society For Human Resource Management reported. While this strategy does indeed help with technology-inclined active searchers, it often proves less effective with top-tier professionals who are contributing to their organizations rather than submitting resumes. Consequently, businesses often wait around with few responses, as the individuals who are qualified for high-level openings connect with competitors via more relationship-based job-hunting methods.

"Executive recruiters allow organizations to eschew job boards and online portals for more effective recruitment techniques."

Again, executive recruitment firms fill the gap here, allowing organizations to eschew job boards and online portals for more effective recruitment techniques. Instead of sorting through submissions from unqualified candidates or staring at an empty inbox, you can work with a recruitment consultant who can put you in touch with real business leaders.  

Bad hires
The War for Talent has made it difficult to find truly great candidates, leaving many companies desperate to fill positions, even if new hires don't check all the boxes. While simply filling key operational vacancies with passable personnel may seem wise, it can destroy internal culture and weigh down the bottom line, according to FastCompany. If your organization has suffered through multiple recruitment failures of this kind, it's probably time to ask for help.

Executive recruitment firms work with candidates who have the executive experience and industry-specific knowledge needed to catalyze success. They also take the time to find individuals who fit within the workplace, reducing the likelihood of fit issues.

With these signs in mind, you should evaluate your progress and see if you need an external helping hand. Should this be the case, try connecting with YES Partners. Our executive search consultants can put you back on the right track and give you the resources you need to attract the RIGHT talent. 

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Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people for all company functions, across many industries.  

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