The rise of smart cities brings about new roles

Metropolitan areas across the globe have implemented industrial-grade digital technology with the hopes of modernizing their infrastructure and streamlining the urban experience. Some have succeeded, according to Intelligent Transport. Major metros such as San Francisco, Singapore and Barcelona, Spain, boast cutting-edge structures and service-delivery systems, including large-scale sensor systems, smart traffic and parking platforms and data-infused bike-sharing programs. These "smart cities," as they have been deemed by technology experts, are expanding the boundaries of civil engineering, as well as spurring growth in the employment market.

"Numerous new C-level, technology-focused positions have materialized in the wake of the smart city movement."

Numerous new C-level, technology-focused positions have materialized in the wake of the smart city movement, according to the International Data Group. The innovative leaders stepping into these roles are managing a myriad of specialized technical operations that would have seemed bizarre less than a decade ago. In October 2015, Atlanta hired its first Chief Bicycle Officer as part of the Connect Atlanta initiative, which aims to make the city more bike-friendly, Atlanta Magazine reported. Environmental engineer Beck Katz earned the title CBO and is now working to develop approximately 200 miles of new bike lanes by 2030.

Of course, some metros are taking more traditional approaches, launching smart-city efforts by putting oversight coordinators in place. Seattle did just that in July 2017, naming lawyer and public policy expert Kate Garman Smart City Coordinator, according to Government Technology. Garman will work alongside Chief Technology Officer Michael Mattmiller and Chief Resiliency Officer Jessica Finn Coven to transform the Northwestern capital into the next smart city.

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