The YES Partners Difference

As your Trusted Advisor we keep you in the loop, are flexible, and listen to your needs.

The YES Partners Difference

YES Partners focuses its Executive Search practice globally in Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe. Multinational companies hire YES Partners to bridge the gap between the local environment and their world-class requirements.

You cannot say NO to YES Partners

There are a number of reasons business leaders use YES Partners to source candidates for their senior positions:

Direct Recruiting Methods.
Direct sourcing methods used by YES Partners are required to reach senior candidates who are happy and successful in their careers and who never send out their resumes, look at Job-Boards (passive candidates) or often do not have online profiles.

Professional Judgment.
The nature of retained search is such that it requires experienced staff to perform the service. The consultants at YES Partners have many years of management level experience and are skilled at assessing the backgrounds of senior executives.

A company needing to replace a C-Level person (Executives, Country Manager) or V-Level person (Vice President) usually does not want this information to be known by customers, competitors, suppliers or sometimes even internal employees. Our highly experienced consultants understand this and are able to execute a search in a confidential manner, meaning the clients name (company) is initially not disclosed to potential candidates. 

We Save a Company Time.
Our clients do not lose productive time screening unsuitable resumes and interviewing inappropriate candidates. YES Partners submits only those candidates who match the specific requirements and are a cultural fit.

Reference Checks.
References provided by the candidates themselves will almost always provide information that is flattering to the candidate. It is critical to go one step farther by acquiring informal background information from various sources: former supervisors who have moved on, colleagues, competitors, suppliers and clients (360 degree check). They will often provide the most realistic information about a senior candidate.

We keep you in the loop.
We present our clients weekly progress-reports on the status of the search. Those reports include feedback from the market, trends and the current salary-levels of potential candidates.

No risk!

Even though we work retained (exclusive), there is no upfront payment until we prove that we can “deliver” by presenting a shortlist of qualified candidates.

This means the is 'no risk' to our clients

No Risk!