Business plans should focus on the present, not the beginning or end

There is a lot of pressure on startup CEOs to grow their businesses from the very beginning and win venture capital. This reality raises the question: What are the traits that investors look for in a CEO and a company? An article by Fast Company's Jim Madden highlights some of the most important elements of executive behavior.

One of the most important items on this list is an emphasis on quality over immediacy. This means that the CEO shows he will be in charge of a productive venture with a plan for the future. While the periods of immediate growth that a business goes through are necessary, investors are more likely to support a business with the potential to last, starting now.

CEOs shouldn't only think about the beginning of their company, but also a possible end. In a Forbes piece about advice for young CEOs, Dean Drako, head of Eagle Eye Networks, said that planning on a final sale of the business shouldn't obscure the need for strong performance in the present.

"You can be open to selling the company, but planning for it as your goal is a flawed strategy as it detracts from your customer focus," he said. "Most acquirers are interested in a successful company. Build one. Measure results and adapt quickly.  Smaller companies can change and move fast – use that to your advantage."

Your company's concept for the future should be balanced against all of the current projects you have to do now. An executive recruitment professional will help your company find someone with the skills to think ahead while working hard today.

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