Enhance your employer brand to attract top talent

Your employer branding has a big impact on talent acquisition. Just like a hiring manager would look into an applicant's references, your candidates will be doing their own research. If your business has a poor reputation, not only will it repel top talent, but it can even cost you as much as 10% more per hire, according to Glassdoor.

So what exactly is an employer brand, and how can you leverage yours to attract high-quality candidates?

What is employer branding?
Employer branding is essentially your company's reputation as an employer, both within the labor market and your employee's perceptions. While the values behind this image might align with your consumer brand identity, employer branding emphasizes what you can "sell" to potential employees. However, that doesn't just mean listing off office perks — instead, you need to communicate your business's core values, goals and culture.

How to attract top talent with a strong brand image
Now that we know what an employer brand encompasses, here are five ways you can boost your image and attract quality candidates:

1. Define your value proposition
When you first start out creating your employer brand, it's crucial to consider the employee value proposition (EVP). This will outline the values of your organization as well as those you offer employees, including tangible things like pay and perks and abstract benefits like meaningful work. As you draft job descriptions and communicate with candidates, your EVP will act as a helpful guide.

2. Create consistent messaging
Just like your consumer brand, your employer brand suffers without consistent messaging. While your voice shouldn't necessarily be completely uniform, it's important to develop an authentic tone of voice across all touchpoints, from content and advertisements to platforms and conversations. That way, you can avoid confusion while keeping potential candidates engaged.

3. Foster a positive company culture
Recruiting the right talent plays a huge role in developing your company culture. At the same time, organization heads must lead the charge by fostering a positive culture from the top down. According to PwC, 72% of leaders argue that workplace culture is more important to business success than strategy or operations. Plus, a company with this type of supportive environment is more likely to attract top talent.

4. Promote professional development opportunities
If you're looking to hire highly qualified individuals, you must also consider how your company will help them grow. Without professional development opportunities, your employees might get tired and bored of the same duties. Implementing these programs will not only attract eager candidates looking to learn, but it can also help you boost retention among current employees.

5. Collaborate with HR and recruiting leaders
From talent shortages to record-high quit rates, today's recruiting landscape is highly competitive. To adapt and overcome, it's imperative to communicate and collaborate with other HR and recruiting leaders.

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