Don’t do anything ‘just because’

There's nothing worse than forced behavior: acting a certain way because you feel you have to, hiding your true feelings behind a false mask. There's always a certain amount of self sacrifice that is required to interact in the modern world, but as a major company, doing things "just because" makes you look bad and will influence others around you negatively.

Without an executive recruitment firm on your side, you might be tempted to mess with things that don't need it, or blather on unnecessarily when trying to find someone qualified to fill an executive position.

Showing personality or frankness doesn't necessarily mean kicking your boots up onto your desk or doing something socially objectionable, but it can be a way out of the standard maze of jargon that leads nowhere. 

Once again, the Harvard Business Review blog has some interesting thoughts on the subject, this time centering around a single word: "captious." As the author writes, this word denotes someone who's obsessed with "petty objections" and it could sink your interview process to have this mindset present when interviewing a candidate.

Another important danger to watch out for is identified in a post from Inc, which satirically poses a series of questions for hiring managers that asks them to surrender an increasingly invasive series of personal data.

Reading the list, you might scoff, but this is just another example of a box you could get stuck in without considering what an actual human being might think when confronted with these kinds of questions. Get your business succession planning off on the right foot with advisors who will steer you away from problematic modes of thinking.

Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people – for all company functions, across many industries and globally.

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