Famous executives plunge into ‘ice bucket challenge’

While the CEO of a major business certainly has many internal responsibilities they also need to engage with the public. Sometimes, that includes internet trends: When something goes viral, particularly for a good cause, participating sends a message that a business is paying attention, and can be a positive addition to executive experience.

For a hot example right now, look at something cold: the "Ice Bucket Challenge" that has spread across Facebook. A viral campaign to raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the challenge requires participants to record themselves pouring ice water on their heads in a video, share it on the internet and then continue the trend by challenging others.

The videos have been so successful that they've reached high-profile CEOs like Satya Nadella of Microsoft, John Legere of T-Mobile and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook itself. In his video, Zuckerberg notes that he was challenged by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and singles out Cheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Bill Gates of Microsoft and the founder of Netflix, Reed Hastings, to do it next.

This is more than a stunt: It's an important cultural moment, and CEOs who are able to look back and say they were a part of this will distinguish themselves and their organizations . Bloomberg Businessweek quotes Harvard Business Professor Thales Teixeira on the greater significance the Ice Bucket Challenge represents.

"By and large most CEOs would like to be seen as good people that are aware of the current economic and social issues," Teixeira said. "If they send it to many of their employees, it indirectly gives them the hint that 'I am a person like everyone else, I am human and I care.'"

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