Finding a new CIO who meets today’s requirements

Searching for a CIO means companies need to update their criteria and make sure they are using the right channels and value judgments to locate proper candidates. For CIOs the evolving nature of the role is a key factor, due to the constant appearance of new technology with potential uses within the enterprise.

In a Forbes article, Anjali Acharya from NetApp said that the CIO is becoming a more critical part of the standard executive team, because their knowledge and responsibilities are closely tied to company growth and expansion.

As she puts it, this role is growing out of the operational side of IT and into one more involved with strategy. Chief executives need to recognize this change and give CIOs the recognition and deference their newer function will require.

She cites a survey her company and Forbes conducted that determined most executives believe CIOs should mainly focus on "aligning IT with the business."

"Overall, the Forbes research found that it's CEOs who are the ones pigeonholing CIOs into a typical, IT-centric role—namely, aligning IT with the business and improving IT performance," she writes. "The other C-suite leaders see the CIO as the innovation leader."

To treat these new, more involved CIOs correctly as part of the enterprise, businesses should look closely at the skills that will fit the new paradigm, not just the old one. In addition to valuing IT-related certifications, backgrounds and experiences, the search process for this candidate could prize innovation and the ability to create a positive, growing culture at the company as well. A CIO article recently said that more than 70 percent of employers are basing their job requirements off of the certifications candidates have, which now may only speak to a small portion of CIO responsibilities.

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