How a CEO can help break a sense of bureaucracy

No CEO tenure is like any other, and the business history of the person you will employ will have all of its own unique circumstances. More than that, it can come with its chances to challenge the unfair preconceptions you may not have known you have.

Take a famously shunned word: bureaucracy. The Harvard Business Review rightly pinpoints it as a "bogeyman," a pejorative term that conjur​es up nightmare visions of Kafka, "Office Space," and countless other fictional worlds where sanity is replaced by structure.

However, perhaps a truly visionary CEO will be able to dig a little deeper and reveal exactly what this word really means when applied to their company. The author of this HBR article, Julian Birkinshaw, draws from personal experience to describe the damage a lack of specificity can cause when assessing a business.

"Bureaucracy is a convenient bogeyman, as it can mean anything that is bad about big companies," Birkinshaw writes."But if these executives are going to make their companies suffer less from it, they had better figure out how to identify the precise problems it causes, and focus directly on them."

So, what is it really that is wrong with your company and what can an incoming CEO do to fix it? The answer will be different for each case, but the contemplative CEO will be able to break down this "bogeyman" into a workable situation that reveals what is and isn't wrong with it. YES Partners can help you find the person with that kind of lack of prejudice and inherent insight.

Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people – for all company functions, across many industries and globally.

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