How automation impacts the C-suite


How exactly does automation affect professionals near the top of the totem pole?
How exactly does automation affect professionals near the top of the totem pole?

For most professionals, the term “automation” brings to mind the image of an immense production facility packed with robots moving in perfect harmony. While this common visualization certainly matches many deployments in the industrial realm, it fails to capture the automated systems that now perform numerous office-based backend duties. Indeed, this advanced software can now be found in almost every department, a situation executive leaders occupying the C-suite must reckon with daily. How exactly does automation affect professionals near the top of the totem pole? Here are some examples.

Chief financial officer
These business leaders are used to performing hands-on tasks, wading through budgets, contacts, profit and loss statements and other financial documentation to pinpoint growth opportunities. While the rise of automation has not reduced CFO workloads, it has changed them. How? More and more enterprises now use automated accounting software to track expenses, PricewaterhouseCoopers found. These advanced programs carry out core calculations on the fly and deliver accurate business intelligence, which financial leaders can use to make spending decisions. Now, CFOs must turn their focus to big picture trends evident in automated data and leave more menial tasks to computerized counterparts.

“Automated systems are bringing change to the C-suite.”

Chief marketing officer
Customer engagement is the primary concern for most professionals in this role. Consequently, most spend their time developing outreach strategies and managing the many moving parts needed to execute. While automation has not ushered in ground-breaking change in these areas, it has infused the campaign creation process with data collected via marketing automation systems. A relatively small number of businesses use these tools, according to Venture Beat. However, adoption continues to increase, as marketers unlock the power to collect hard data on customer activity and ultimately craft more targeted assets with stronger conversion potential.

Chief operating officer
Operational leaders are tasked with managing a wide variety of internal processes. From facility management to product delivery, COOs truly do it all. However, some are lightening their loads and achieving greater success through automated enterprise technology, according to TechTarget. How? Take for instance the aforementioned area of facility management. Technology firms now offer backend systems that leverage machine intelligence and connected devices to regulate interior lighting or air conditioning use. This small tweak can greatly reduce costs and leave COOs with more robust budgets.

Automated systems are transforming organizations of all kinds from the bottom up, bringing change to all areas of the business – even the C-suite. Is your firm searching for modern leaders with the skills and leadership competencies required to weather such a change? Connect with YES Partners today. Our search consultants can find you cutting-edge candidates who can take your business to the next level.

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