Startup CEOs should be able to manage new sources of venture capital

Ambitious companies that are paying attention have many opportunities to secure venture capital.

In a piece written for Entrepreneur, experienced venture capitalist and CEO Mitchell Kertzman divulged some of his advice for those looking to help a startup blossom. Citing examples from his own CEO tenure, Kertzman identified the ability to successfully balance expenses and use capital wisely as one of the defining aspects of a good executive.

Handling these revenue streams and actively pursuing new ones appropriately is essential for success. Kertzman discusses how being able to successfully negotiate money matters can make an executive shine.

"Success almost never comes as fast as founders think it will. About once a quarter, I encourage founders to look at whether the company is meeting its revenue goals," he said. "If it's falling short, I try to understand whether it's because the product is not competitive or whether the market is developing more slowly than anticipated."

There are certainly plenty of sources of capital should an executive need to seek additional resources. The advent of crowdfunding, for example, has allowed anyone with a great idea to test the market and raise money. 

The New York Times recently reported on a fund called Upside Partnerships that rewards founders and the startup companies they head with a cut of the profits made from its funds. These resources can support growth—if the CEOs who receive the money know what to do with them. 

Does your CEO have the drive to seek out funds and use them for success? If you aren't sure, you should turn to one of the top retained search firms for assistance in finding someone who can handle the challenge.

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