Startup CEOs should delegate important tasks

Part of leading, especially in a startup, is knowing how to effectively assign tasks to different parties. The Next Web recently featured an article listing some of the jobs that startup leaders shouldn't be afraid to outsource. With so much to do, delegating duties is one of the most prominent CEO responsibilities for allowing the company to grow.

While some of the tasks on the list, like marketing, are obvious, others require the CEO to take a step back and admit they don't have to do this work themselves. When a company is just starting out, it can feel natural for the founder to do important tasks like accounting.

But the article notes that it's better for the leader to lead while other professionals handle the financial work. At the very least, this helps better define the c-suite's roles.

"Spending time on financial anxieties or exhilarations brings along huge opportunity costs, especially for a skilled CEO, whose time is infinitely valuable to their startup's success," the piece reads. "If you're tempted to tinker – or even if you aren't – limit yourself to PNL check-ins. Your one big goal is growth, right?"

Whether it's taking care of the physical things around the office or producing high-quality marketing content, there are support services to help take the burden off of the c-level staff. It's a challenge for a CEO to decide who to give the responsibility to, but an experienced one will know the things they can't feasibly do themselves.

Startups need to be steered by someone who knows the score, and executive search services make finding that person simpler.

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