Strategies for developing a sustainable talent pipeline

How do enterprises go about building developing talent pools?
How do enterprises go about building developing talent pools?


Organizations tend to focus on the short term when recruiting for hard-to-fill positions. How can we address the vacancy in the executive suite? When will we find the RIGHT applicant for this crucial managerial role? While effective to some extent, this methodology tires internal human resources teams as they leap-frog from opening to opening, deploying a disparate hiring strategy for each new opportunity.

Establishing a self-refreshing talent pipeline is a much more powerful and sustainable approach. With this model, HR staff can leverage standardized systems to reach consistently qualified candidates, while saving precious time and resources. On the other hand, companies need to know what talent they actually want to have in the ‘talent pipeline’. At the end of the day, every company wants to hire the best. How do enterprises go about building developing talent pools? There are multiple ways to do this.

Build a better brand
These days, active job seekers do far more than peruse job descriptions before submitting applications. Most not only review company websites and read up on executive staff but also search employer social media profiles and other online resources to gauge company success and evaluate workplace culture. With this in mind, businesses must bolster their branding so that it offers a favorable reflection of the enterprise and yields accurate information that may be of value to talented candidates, according to Inc. However, HR teams should not waste too much time on this variable, as entrenched passive searchers often dodge job portals and reach out via other channels, such as retained executive search firms. Additionally, businesses must back up digital claims with demonstrable actions, Harvard Business Review reported.

“Establishing a self-refreshing talent pipeline is a powerful and sustainable recruitment approach.”

Grow from the inside
While external recruitment efforts are normally the most effective, it does not hurt to search internally for up-and-coming talent, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Professional development programs geared toward high-potential workers can help pinpoint the next generation of corner office dwellers and operational wizards, making it easier for HR personnel to draft effective succession plans and ultimately facilitate sustained success. Of course, this strategy hinges on employee engagement, as young talent must have an incentive to stick around and wait for prized positions. The ancillary tasks that come with this approach can get overwhelming fast. As a result, it’s wise to supplement internal efforts with robust external recruitment programs.

Collaborate with a partner
Even the largest, most equipped HR teams cannot navigate the recruitment process alone. Employee management tasks take up considerable time and internal recruiters maintain limited connections, which makes it challenging to reach out to dynamic out-of-the-box candidates who can bring fresh perspectives into the operation. Executive search firms, on the other hand, have copious contacts in multiple sectors, putting them in the perfect position to broker meetings between companies and passive job seekers of all sorts. Plus, these firms form lasting bonds with businesses, facilitating robust recruitment channels. Additionally, their task is not on filling a position, but finding qualified candidates for the very specific openings.

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