Understanding retained search firms

It may be time to work with an executive search firm.
It may be time to work with an executive search firm.


As the war for talent rages on, internal human resources personnel search for recruitment solutions that facilitate the development of lasting talent pipelines. Many turn to retained search firms, as these organizations are known for pinpointing truly talented contributors with transformative executive experience. Even so, a good number of employers avoid such companies, believing they can effectively connect with world-class candidates sans external help. These outliers are often mistaken and find themselves struggling to attract strong hires for essential roles.

Does your business fall into the latter category? It may be time to work with an retained search firm. However, before you begin reaching out to prospective recruitment partners, you must first understand how these organizations work.

Developing partnerships
Many HR professionals believe retained search firms function like staffing agencies or contingency-based shops. This simply isn’t true. Most strive to develop collaborative, long-term relationships with their clients and expect to be involved throughout the hiring process, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Retained search firms help internal personnel develop hiring strategies and actively aid in executing them for years to come.

“Retained search firms strive to develop collaborative, long-term relationships with their clients.”

Leveraging vast networks
Most talented business leaders already hold positions and are not actively looking for new opportunities. This, of course, poses problems for employers, most of whom target active job seekers. Retained recruitment firms provide the solution to this common conundrum, leveraging sector-specific connections to get in touch with professionals who aren’t planning to leave but may be interested in exciting new roles, Inc. reported.

With the rise of the gig economy and challenging executive retirement patterns, businesses will face more recruitment challenges as the year progresses. Retained search firms like YES Partners can help enterprises of all kinds survive the war for talent and hire the leaders they need.

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