3 traits for world-class human resources leaders

Creating a profile for a future HR leader? Begin with these three essential traits.
Creating a profile for a future HR leader? Begin with these three essential traits.


Truly talented human resources leaders are hard to find. Talent acquisition teams often come to grips with this conclusion as they evaluate dozens of candidates who don’t seem to possess the experience and skills required to successfully manage personnel and grow the business. Internal recruiters should avoid wasting time on the unworthy by developing the profile for the ideal HR leader. This exercise lends clarity to the search and facilitates hiring precision. How do you start piecing together this outline? Begin with these three essential traits for world-class HR leaders:

The hiring and recruitment world continues to change rapidly. For instance, many firms are eschewing full-time roles for contingent positions as a way to promote organizational scalability, Harvard Business Review reported. Top-notch HR professionals understand this and other developing trends, and work to create long-term strategies that take them into account. Keep this in mind as you search for the right candidate. You need an individual who handles the here-and-now with an eye to the future.

Managerial courage
Because of ever-evolving personnel and market trends, HR leaders must often think outside of the box to solve serious problems. Of course, alternative staffing solutions, especially those with upfront costs, draw fire from operational stakeholders who advocate for staying the course, no matter the long-term impact (there are however alternative models with no upfront fees). Ideal candidates show courage in these moments and fight for their ideas even as opposition builds, according to Forefront Magazine. Typically, an executive search firm can pinpoint individuals with track records that show they can formulate effective workarounds and have the pluck to stand up for them in the face of adversity. These value-adds of the specific individuals are typically highlighted by external search firms upon presentation of the candidates.

“Top-notch HR professionals understand developing trends, and work to create long-term strategies.”

HR professionals devote considerable time to relationship-building activities. Whether it’s forming connections with global executive search firms or developing a rapport with mentees, these leaders continually cultivate new relationships that are essential to the business. Consequently, candidates in line for HR leadership positions must have the interpersonal and tactical skills necessary to create and maintain important, positive connections, according to Harvard Business Review.

An HR leader profile that includes these traits is sure to point your talent acquisition staff in the right direction. However, simply understanding what kind of person you need is only half the equation. You must also go out and find the right candidate, an immense challenge in today’s recruitment climate. Considering this, what is your next move? Connecting with an executive search firm like YES Partners is a good solution. Our seasoned recruitment consultants can mine their industry connections to find passive candidates who have the skills and executive experience you require. Plus, we stick around for the long haul, working with you to develop a lasting talent pipeline. Additionally, due to the nature of the business a third-party firm like YES Partners gets, we have multiple qualified candidate profiles.

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