3 traits of great executives

Great executive leaders come in all different shapes and sizes. Some sit quietly in the background, giving their teams the freedom to innovate and test new ideas. Others take a more hands-on role, offering direct reports the direction they need to get results in more structured environments. However, no matter how differently they may lead, these executives bring to the table a few common traits that make them reliable, business-driving performers.

Going beyond a title
Many professionals bristle at the prospect of performing tasks outside of the duties described on their employment contracts. This is especially true within larger organizations with well-established divisions and reporting structures. Great executive leaders respect these boundaries but don't mind pitching in on projects outside of their official purview, according to Inc. They understand that modern market conditions require increased collaboration between siloed departments and are willing to contribute, for the sake of the business.

"Great C-level leaders maintain high ethical standards and focus on the follow through."

Walking the walk
Great leaders ask a lot of their employees and, more importantly, themselves. They set personal goals and seek out experiences that will help them grow, both personally and professionally. Additionally, they maintain high ethical standards and focus on the follow through, practicing accountability at all costs, Inc. found. This earns them respect from peers, the employees they manage and clients.

Understanding emotions
A majority of high-achieving professionals possess the smarts and niche knowledge to excel in their chosen industries. However, only great leaders have the emotional intelligence to effectively manage and develop direct reports, Entrepreneur reported. This humanistic insight is immensely useful in today's business world, allowing executives to truly connect with their staff and provide more holistic managerial support.

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