Apple recruits Burberry CEO for head of online retail

Bringing the executive experience that one has gathered through his or her own role at another company could just be one part of the outside influences that company officials must consider during the selection process for an open leadership position.

Recently, it has been announced that the former CEO of the fashion company Burberry, Angela Ahrendts, will be joining Apple. According to NPR, her appointment comes with the implication that she might successfully help the brand focus on its online stores as senior vice president of this area. But this appears to be just part of her appeal to the company. When your business looks for a CEO, you might endeavor to consider all the elements of personality and experience that might be valuable

Both NPR and the New York Times allege that Ahrendts' connection to fashion might be important if Apple invests more seriously in its wearable products in the future. In addition, she has previous experience with a retail-based brand that has a strong presence online, and (perhaps more importantly) a sizable billion-plus profit this year alone.

Forbes also reports that, as a woman in a leading position within Apple, Ahrendts will be adding diversity to the company. While these sorts of factors shouldn't be the only reason for hiring, when coupled with all of her other traits it adds to the sense that hiring her will bring more positive change to the company.

Not everyone can look at a person and immediately see what qualities he or she might bring to a specific workplace. This "checklist" kind of thinking also isn't even necessarily that helpful to the inexperienced: what companies really need is a global executive search firm, like YES Partners, that can clearly detect the right possible applications for a person. 

Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people – for all company functions, across many industries and globally.

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