‘Fitting in’ as a startup CEO

In business, a CEO's habits and traits are often viewed as the major indicators of his or her success. There's a lot to take in when going about this task of assessing a person's strengths, however, and a recent Entrepreneur article suggests that a person with the right attitudes for a startup CEO might display them in ways that appear to be negative.

Although there's no telling for sure what this means in regards to a specific person's behavior, this article does make an interesting point when it comes to the way we think about typically "negative" traits.

Particularly, it focuses on the types of behavior that might be connected with a "rebellious" streak: in some instances this might seem counterproductive to getting work done and furthering the mission of an organization.

But for the drive that leads to a healthy startup, a leader who seems "easily bored" might simply have stifled creativity and misplaced energy, as Grant Cardone, the article's author, points out.  And since being a startup CEO could mean sticking with a bold vision until it is successfully concluded, being an outcast or "not fitting the norm" could be seen as an early sign of that.

An executive recruitment firm is best for noticing when anti-social or eccentric tendencies are a sign of something deeper. While some executives simply won't be able to find a place at your company, there might be something in a candidate that could mean big gains and a dynamic vision if you approach the situation the right way.

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