Autonomous vehicles disrupting entire industries: Is your business ready?


Completing a successful executive search process isn’t just a matter of finding the right candidate for the moment, but also identifying a leader who can bring your company into the future. This task is particularly challenging in an era when many technologies are disrupting entire marketplaces.

The rise of autonomous vehicles highlights how a single technology can have an impact in a wide range of industries. Self-driving vehicles are, naturally, forcing change in the automotive and drone manufacturing sectors. However, many secondary markets are also being affected by the rise of autonomous vehicles. The digital mapping market is a prime example of this trend.

Self-driving cars and digital mapping
Digital maps have been gaining momentum in recent years as companies in a variety of service or first response industries combine maps with telematics solutions to improve their operations. Now, self-driving vehicles are laying the groundwork for even more disruption.

“The rise of autonomous vehicles highlights how a single technology can have an impact in a wide range of sectors.”

A report from the Stanford News Service highlighted a robotics project at Stanford University in which a miniature self-driving car moves around a neighborhood, identifying animals it encounters and mapping their location digitally so emergency responders can get out and rescue the creatures. In this case, it is all being done with models, but the project showcases how an autonomous vehicle on patrol can create new service opportunities.

This type of solution highlights how the ability to fill in digital maps by analyzing the environment with self-driving cars is generating new possibilities. Grand View Research found that the global digital map market is set to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 11.5 percent for the period of 2017 through 2025. The technology is rising in a variety of sectors, including traffic intelligence, smart parking and logistics.

Lessons learned from digital mapping
Identifying how emerging technologies are likely to impact a tangentially related industry can help executives set their businesses up for long-term profitability. As organizations take on executive searches, they need to go beyond identifying specific skills for their immediate needs and also consider major technical expertise that is necessary to keep up in a tech climate where many solutions are intersecting and adding value to one another.

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