Employer branding plays essential role in executive recruitment


When recruiting C-level staff, businesses face heated competition and numerous challenges trying to stand out. Any edge in the market is essential with businesses finding it difficult to identify and attract employees with the right skills. Employer branding can be a key differentiator by giving prospective hires a clear idea of what your business stands for and what it will be like to work there.

The importance of employer branding
According to Forbes contributor Charles Sinclair, Oddwork co-founder and head of employer branding, developing a structured, clear employer brand is instrumental in helping businesses clearly communicate why they exist, what they stand for culturally and what it’s like to work at the company. Entrepreneur made a similar point and said that employer branding makes recruitment easier because it allows prospective employees to develop a strong understanding of your business. Because of this insight, those users can get a feel for whether they’d be a good fit for you before going through an extensive interview process.

“A strong employer brand can help prospective execs get a clear idea of what you stand for.”

When it comes to C-level recruitment, employer branding takes a different turn. In practice, executives play a critical role in defining and supporting branding efforts. However, most businesses still have strong underlying principles that govern how they want to operate. If you’re a tech startup founder looking for a CEO to share your leadership burden, a strong employer brand can help prospective execs get a clear idea of what you stand for and how you prefer to work. This understanding can help narrow the pool of recruits for you and ensure you get only focused responses. Working with a global recruitment firm can build on your employer branding initiatives to accelerate your executive search.

Using recruitment services to build on your employee brand
The potential downside of good employee branding is that some prospects may not bother applying for a position because they don’t see themselves as a cultural fit for your company. This outcome is a positive in terms of saving you time on interviews and similar interactions that end up being unproductive, but it can also leave you with limited choice when finding your next leader.

At YES Partners, we connect you to a global network of experts looking for leadership positions, helping to broaden your search while your branding initiatives serve as a key filter and strategic enabler. We can build on employer branding by helping identify and connect you with strong candidates.

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