Find fraudulent candidates with a thorough recruitment plan

Companies should always be wary of deception in the hiring process, even when it comes to c-level staff.

The Australian Financial Review recently reported on the case of the department store Myer and its recently hired general manager of strategy and business development, Andrew Flanagan. The company was impressed with his credentials, which included stints at international businesses, but those qualifications turned out to be fraudulent.

Flanagan claimed to have been employed by everyone from Spanish retail company Inditex to Walmart. He even supplied false references for several positions, including Tesco, a U.K. retailer.

Unfortunately, this case is far from unusual. ABC recently reported on the underground industry that fakes credentials and gives applicants the opportunity to pretend to have a storied history.

According to the piece, the reason these lies escape scrutiny is that businesses aren't able to thoroughly check the resumes they receive. The source interviewed William Schmidt, who makes a living producing fake backgrounds for job candidates, on the lax candidate research processes that make his business profitable.

Schmidt has a point when he says that he is able to operate successfully because his clients are unlikely to get caught– all the more reason to insist on recruiters that know what they're doing and can verify the candidate.

"How many people really make the effort to check if every single company that people put on their resume is real?" Schmidt told ABC. "The majority…it doesn't happen."

However, even for a time-strapped business, it's possible to vet potential candidates thoroughly. An executive search firm can help your organization fact-check possible employees to ensure that they are qualified, honest individuals.

Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people – for all company functions, across many industries and globally.

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