How to get millennials through the door

Millennials now comprise more than 30 percent of the U.S. labor force, according to recent research from Deloitte. Like members of past generations, these young individuals hold unique views on the workplace and expect prospective employers to respect such perspectives. To put it frankly, businesses that want to succeed in the modern marketplace cannot afford to push aside the concerns of millennial candidates. 

If your organization is struggling to get young talent through the door, you should reconfigure your hiring processes and internal policies to appeal to millennial leaders. Review these strategies to get started:

Market your company values
Young professionals from this generation are especially concerned about what companies courting them stand for, according to Entrepreneur. With this in mind, take some time to consider your mission statement and how the products or services you offer affect the lives of your customers. When speaking with millennial talent, be sure to articulate these ideas to encourage excitement and explain that you're searching for someone who will have an impact on people, and not simply fill a role.

"Young professionals from this generation are especially concerned about what companies courting them stand for."

Turn to technology
Most millennials are digital natives, meaning they grew up with technology and therefore integrate it into everyday life. Consequently, young leaders of this generation assume employers will provide the digital tools they need to churn out impactful work, Inc. reported. So, consider upgrading your enterprise systems if you've got the means. Additionally, look into cutting-edge productivity tools like Google Apps for Work or Slack. These cloud-based tools are not only cheap and easy to implement but will satisfy millennial candidates with high technology expectations.

Once you make these changes, you'll need talented millennial candidates with the executive experience and zeal needed to move your company forward. YES Partners can help. Our retained global executive search consultants can connect you with top-notch young talent.

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