It’s time to rethink recruitment

From the pandemic and the Great Resignation to changing employee expectations, talent acquisition professionals have had a difficult job in the last couple of years. Finding and retaining quality candidates has been the utmost priority, but record-high turnover rates and shifting attitudes have left many re-evaluating their recruitment strategies.

While some believe these issues will lose steam in 2022, "post-pandemic hiring recovery will continue to be tumultuous," according to the Society for Human Resource Management. So how are businesses adapting their recruitment and retention strategies for this new normal? Here are a few tactics acquisition leaders are turning toward to fill their vital positions.

Remote work models
The pandemic has dramatically accelerated the adoption of remote and hybrid work models across nearly every industry. Companies and employees alike have seen numerous benefits from working at home, but opinions can differ. Some candidates might be enticed by fully remote options, while others may prefer to work in office at least part of the time.

By offering flexible remote and in-person options, you can not only satisfy both kinds of employees but also cast a wider net in your talent search. Recruiting remote candidates means that you're no longer confined to a specific geographic region. Instead, you can search far and wide for the ideal prospective hire.

Boomerang employees
According to Forbes, many companies are taking advantage of the latest labor market trend: boomerang workers. Coined by Anthony Klotz, who predicted the Great Resignation, boomerang employees are people who left a company at one point before returning to work there again. The ideal candidate is one that resigned or was let go on good terms, has gained valuable industry experience in the interim and is returning with a renewed sense of ambition.

Including boomerang employees in your recruitment strategy not only expands your candidate pool but it can also provide insights on opportunities for improvement. Boomerang employees have the potential to add incredible value with their additional experience and outsider perspectives. They can also be an excellent source of unbiased feedback to better understand why an employee might resign and brainstorm practical solutions to improve retention.

Remember retention
As turnover rates rose to record highs last year, many companies began paying closer attention to their retention strategies to stem the bleeding. This meant finding ways to improve the employee experience and ensure a positive work environment. Incentives like a robust benefits package, professional development programs, sign-on bonuses, etc., have a lot of crossover in attracting new candidates and reducing attrition.

Outsource recruiting
In today's complex and competitive labor market, posting positions online is simply insufficient to find the best candidates for your critical roles. And handling social, direct and other recruitment strategies can quickly become overwhelming without the right resources and expertise.

To stay ahead of the competition, many companies turn toward professional talent acquisition services that handle all aspects of recruiting with continuously evolving best practices. At YES Partners, we help match only the most qualified candidates to critical roles within your organization. To see some of the roles we have already successfully filled, click here.

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