Startups need to learn the power of listening to potential CEO candidates

With all the energy that can surround hiring a startup CEO, it might seem like everyone involved will have lots to talk about. That may be true, but it shouldn't overshadow one very important need in interviews:  Listening to the candidates.

Inc. contributor Lou Adler cites this as one of the ways that companies can focus on letting the candidate being interviewed "sell them" on their worth to the company.

Rather than letting the excitement of the position manifest itself in one-way conversation, Adler writes that savvy recruiters leave space for the candidates to catch that same level of energy themselves. This puts the onus of the interview on the person who might be hired.

In a piece written for Forbes in 2011, Christina Holbrook McEntee looks at some of the basic benefits derived from listening to people in business. She asserts that keeping an open ear to those with contentious opinions or in difficult situations might be especially useful, and that the successful individual will encourage such dialogue.

"All of us want to be listened to, all of us want to really be heard," Holbrook McEntee writes. "When someone senses you are really listening to what they have to say amazing things can happen. Solutions can be found that were never imagined."

Even if the solution can't be implemented immediately or doesn't work out, it is crucial that the executive recruitment service being used by your business pays attention to the messages they receive from candidates. Managing this requires a knowledge of both the company itself and how the person being interviewed will fit into it.

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