Survey: Some of the most common CEO pet peeves

What your CEO is passionate about may dictate how they behave in an office setting. Stephen Meyer recently surveyed a series of CEOs to figure out what irks them. The results, which were featured in a Forbes article, suggest issues that your own board of directors might want to bring up during the management recruitment process.

Meyer's survey asked subjects to rate a series of workplace behaviors on a scale from "Just annoys me" to "Makes my blood boil." Out of the seven possible "hates," the number one irritant was "people who withhold information from me."

Meyer links the results to the particularities of the CEO position.

"I think this speaks to the vulnerability that CEOs feel acutely and that the people below them often don't understand," Meyer wrote. "CEOs are vulnerable because they rely so heavily on others. The bigger the company, the more powerful a CEO is, the more this is true."

Some of the other items on the survey were "people who feel entitled" and "people who give opinions with no evidence." The lowest-ranking concern was "people who think that I'm greedy." 

While CEOs will always encounter these pet peeves, no matter the business, knowing the specific things that will upset a particular candidate, as well as their strategies for coping with or resolving these behaviors, can help you make a better choice. Experienced executive recruiters can spot potential pressure points and ensure that the candidates you interview can handle them.

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