The difficulties of filling special executive roles

Finding the perfect person to join the c-level staff at a company isn't always easy. Searching businesses have to work hard to recruit the best talent before a competitor is able to step in. In addition, filling a unique executive-level role comes with its own set of challenges.

By working with an experienced retained executive search firm, companies can deal with some of these common difficulties:

  • Exclusive job skills required: Extremely specific executive positions, like Vice President of Internet of Things or Director of Intellectual Property Licensing, have a smaller number of qualified candidates than most job searches. The good news is that a broad, thorough search can make up for the smaller pool, especially if it is able to target passive candidates.
  • No existing strategy: A newly available position could be so different from other available roles that there simply isn't a plan in place to find someone for it. With a CEO or other common leadership positions, there is often at least a model to work from, but this isn't always the case with new roles. A search firm has to have a strong grasp on the needs of the company to fill these openings.
  • Indirect, slow recruiting options: Without any sort of guidance, the search for a new executive could drag on indefinitely. Instead, enterprises are best served partnering with a retained search firm committed to efficiently identifying the best candidates.

YES Partners understands the problems that make special executive positions hard to fill. Fortunately, we have placed enough people in different positions to know how to find the sort of ideal candidates that standard searches can't.

 Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people – for all company functions, across many industries and globally.

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