The near future of HR: Things to look out for

What opportunities can your business hope to capitalize on in the coming year to make sure that it achieves its highest level of performance? According to a couple of key sources, it comes down to one key word: talent. But it's not just about finding good talent, as we frequently say: you need to find the talent that's most appropriate for your business.

A recent Deloitte study was released that focuses on the importance of finding this in the context of the coming year. The report emphasizes how it will become necessary to have HR take a global and interrelated approach to the problem of proper management. Capability and a focus on what they call "continuous learning" will contribute to a greater longevity in your business.

This includes structuring your company so that employees always have access to the means to continue pushing forward, as well as an eye on what the source calls "career development." Not only do different positions (including that of the CEO) need to be clearly defined, the later career path should be clear as well.

"Since 2008 organizations have been focused on restructuring and transformation—in 2014, we expect to see a new and accelerated focus on growth," the authors of this report write. "This is the year to "sharpen your saw"—innovate, think outside the box, and look systemically at your total "corporate talent system." 

And as Edward Lawler III writes in a piece for Forbes, "why aren't there more organizations that focus on talent?" The burden is on the top retained search firms to help this journey along, but YES Partners is there to aid your company in this way.

Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people – for all company functions, across many industries and globally.

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