What do millennial executives want out of work?

Pinning down the general needs and wants of millennial leaders is no easy task. Older members of this generation often possess entirely different professional values than their younger peers. Of course, when you consider geography and other external factors, the whole situation becomes even more complicated.

Luckily, professional services firm Deloitte offers insight into this group of diverse executive leaders with its "Millennial Survey," an exhaustive study that includes responses from thousands of young professionals at companies across the globe. The 2016 edition offers up some concrete answers to the question every employer seems to be asking these days: What do millennials want?

Millennial business leaders expect employers to facilitate flexibility in the workplace.Millennial business leaders expect employers to facilitate flexibility in the workplace.

Ethical, society-conscious business operations
Approximately 64 percent of respondents said that modern organizations are too focused on simply generating revenue and neglect the world around them. To traditionalists, this insular approach makes total sense. However, young professionals believe that companies should contribute to society at large and facilitate ethical internal processes that match consumer values.

Now, addressing the latter issue is a tall task, even for C-level staff. But, if you really want to infuse your organization with young talent, you must reevaluate the way you do business and see if there are opportunities for growth, especially in the area of fairness, Harvard Business Review reported.

Connecting your company with the outside world is a bit easier. Just start with the small things. For instance, instead of organizing run-of-the-mill team-building tasks, sign your team up for a group volunteer activity. This will show millennial talent that you're working to interact with those outside of the organization.

Employee-focused human resources policies
It's no secret that millennials are fans of flexibility in the workplace. In fact, these young professionals are disrupting standard productivity models and spearheading key cultural shifts, such as the movement toward bring-your-own-device and work-from-home policies, that sever the connection between the office and operations.

The Deloitte survey showed that millennials expect employers to move in this direction and offer benefits that permit flexibility. This includes adopting the latest technology and providing family-friendly incentives such as work-from-home and extended-leave options.

If you're serious about attracting millennial talent, you must take these expectations into consideration. Similarly, if you want wholly qualified young executives to walk through your doors, you need to collaborate with a retained global executive search firm like YES Partners. Our executive search consultants can connect you with energetic millennial leaders who have the executive experience and zeal to usher in companywide change.

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