When CEOs receive the brunt of the blame

CEOs have to own up when their company makes a mistake, but they may also be the target of derision when the crowds of consumers feel like they've been wronged and need retribution.

It can happen online, in a series of gestures, or in one great protest: whatever the setting, a person's CEO experience can be especially fraught with the potential for mistakes or some other long-standing circumstances that can turn opinion against the company.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer once again provides us an example, as a recent conference event was interrupted by demonstrators looking to make a statement about the mistreatment of workers.

Interestingly enough, these protestors were not arguing against Mayer's activities as CEO, but apparently due to her connections to the store chain as a member of Walmart's board of directors, according to Techcrunch.

When the protestors started making themselves known, Mayer was onstage in the midst of a scheduled conversation with Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce. Though the shouting dissenters in the hall where the conversation took place were soon disseminated, it was a notable enough occurrence to catch the attention of the media and prompt a comment from Benioff onstage about the incident.

"If you want to do a protest you can do it outside, and it's better if you split it up that way so when that group gets arrested the other one can start," he said.

Not everyone will consider such unexpected appearances as a growing opportunity, or responding to them as a necessary part of their CEO responsibilities. With YES Partners, your company can secure someone who can handle pressure.

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