When startups should consider hiring a CMO

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can play an important role when a company is still in the startup stage, and placing this person can be just as critical as finding a CEO. Understanding when and why to seek out someone for this position can help your business grow, especially if this happens sooner rather than later, as Steve Offsey of MarketBuildr writes.

In a post examining the importance of using a real marketing team rather than shortcuts, Offsey argues that marketing professionals will be able to guide a burgeoning company through the "essential" steps of marketing and development.

They can also help organizations avoid some of the more desperate mistakes that companies make in their early attempts to grow a client base, like paying another service specifically to generate leads, which Offsey heartily warns against.

Similarly, a recent piece for Mashable polled several entrepreneurs on the right time to recruit a CMO. This could obviously be different for specific businesses, but more than one respondent said it was important to hire a CMO early on. One of them was Andy Karuza of the social media marketing site brandbuddee. 

"If you're not able to get [a CMO] on board early, bring one in as soon as the product is good enough to generate interest from your target market," Karuza said.

Startups might not always realize when it's time to take this important step of doubling down on their marketing, and they might also not have the experience needed to find someone for this very specific role. An executive recruiter can help in this effort by tailoring the search to the skills and qualities that make a good CMO.

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