3 candidate behaviors to look out for

Often, the first five or so minutes of job interviews are the most critical. During these opening moments, candidates unknowingly offer insights into their behavior and give employers a preview of how they might function in the workplace. The next time you sit down across from a potential employee, be sure to evaluate these subtle, yet telling behaviors:

Punctuality and preparedness
Candidates who arrive late and flustered usually aren't the best hires, U.S. News and World Report found. Tardiness is normally a chronic condition and often a symptom of poor planning. When potential employees land up late, make a point to discuss the situation and ask about any extenuating circumstances. After all, everyone gets a flat tire every so often. Of course, those who come on time and are properly prepared are most likely pretty reliable.

As interview candidates, be sure evaluate their body language and attire.As you interview candidates, be sure evaluate their body language and attire.

Fashion sense
Most modern job hunters realize they have an obligation to dress appropriately for interviews. Unfortunately, there's also a small minority who fail to adhere to such sartorial norms and instead believe anything goes. If you find yourself dealing with someone from the latter group, cut and run quick. 

Additionally, take time to evaluate seemingly well-dressed candidates, as the smallest clothing cues can yield important information, Money reported. For instance, funky, patterned socks may not be the best fashion accessory for a level-headed, C-level staff member with requisite executive experience, but could bode well for a creative copywriter in a casual office.

Body language
Strangely, you can also collect essential insights by monitoring the body language of prospective hires, FastCompany found. For example, unfocused candidates seem manic and fidget constantly, and those with less-than-ideal ethics or ulterior motives often avoid eye contact. Conversely, strong applicants exhibit poise and look interviewers in the eyes.

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