Are there problem employees in your company’s upper ranks?

We all know someone who's a "bad egg." It may not seem tactful or polite to point them out or do something about them, but the fact of the matter is that there will probably always be individuals who drag down the rest of a company with them, and dealing with them can be no easy task. Especially when they have CEO responsibilities at their fingertips.

"Toxic" or "hurricane" employees, as they are referred to by professor Michelle Duffy in a recent piece featured on the University of Pennsylvania's official website, bring damage to the entire company, even though they seem like there's little they could do themselves.

What's alarming is that the negative effect of employing someone like this could be felt in the earnings of a business as well as in the general morale of its employees. But because this is a gradual effect that influences the members of a company over time, it might not be picked up on, Professor Duffy writes. And that's how this "hurricane" can work slowly from within.

"Even if they are star performers … they can be quite damaging to the bottom line through lost work hours, people avoiding the hurricane, talking about the hurricane, being worried about dealing with the hurricane, witnessing others harmed by the hurricane and so forth."

So, when you take on an executive, you can see that a lot is on the line: if one employee who isn't the commanding force of the company can be this bad for the entire enterprise, just imagine what sort of damage a bad boss can do.

Fortunately, an executive recruitment agency can make this a less likely result by screening all possible executive candidates and measuring them to your standards.

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