When to crack the whip? Your CEO should know

Today, with so much of life streamlined into every device, it can be difficult to separate work from fun, maybe more difficult than it's ever been. The same device we require for work can also be a portal to distraction and idle times.

But no one wants to completely cut off their employee's freedoms or say they can't entertain themselves a little bit at work (just look at the backlash Marissa Mayer got for forcing her Yahooligans to start spending more time in-office).

There has to be some sort of line. Usually, the defense in favor of allowing a little downtime at work is that it helps make things go by faster and encourages loyalty to the company. But a study in Cornell Hospital Quarterly, quoted by Fast Company, sticks a pin in that particular party balloon.

Though the study looked at only one industry, hospitality, it did find that there's a correlation to be seen between the type of enjoyment employees get from their work and the way that they behave.

"With a sample of 195 servers from a national restaurant chain, we found that fun activities had a favorable impact on performance and manager support for fun had a favorable impact in reducing turnover. Interestingly, manager support for fun had an adverse impact on performance," the authors of this study write in their abstract.

A good manager or upper level executive, perhaps one found by a CEO search, is one that will be able to keep employees on task in a way that doesn't turn them into a cruel stickler for details. YES Partners is an executive recruitment firm that may help in this respect.

Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people – for all company functions, across many industries and globally.

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