Dealing with the skills gap when transforming around digital technologies

The digital transformation movement is getting a great deal of attention in today's enterprises. Businesses across just about every sector are facing pressure to innovate, and traditional business models are being disrupted. It's time to adjust hiring strategies accordingly, but how can companies do so while overcoming the growing skills gap?

E.J. Dieterle, CEO and co-founder of YES Partners, recently spoke on these issues at a few events. Here's a quick look at what he had to say:

Digital transformation is all-encompassing
A diverse array of technologies are converging to impact a wide range of sectors. Major emerging tech ecosystems include:

  • Autonomous driving and robotics
  • Mobile solutions
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • The internet of things
  • Big data

These solutions aren't developing in isolation, and businesses must go all in on digital to keep up with the speed of innovation.

Roles are changing
In light of digital's rise, business leaders need new skills. For example, CIOs are increasingly moving away from limiting themselves to a focus on IT outcomes and taking orders from the rest of the organization to emphasizing business outcomes and collaborating with other corporate leaders.

"Businesses need leaders with cross-disciplinary skills."

CMOs are becoming tech leaders as they often lead digital initiatives. In many ways, the CMO and CIO role are merging.

There are still separate competencies for each role, but there's also plenty of crossover. Businesses need leaders with cross-disciplinary skills to align operational models with technology opportunities.

Building a strong workforce
With so many job roles and skill profiles changing in light of digital transformation, businesses must blend strategic staff development with outside opportunities.

Growing internal staff can help organizations build up their institutional ability to handle change. At the same time, strategic recruitment can connect employers with a global network of leaders who possess the blend of technical and business competencies needed to keep pace in a rapidly changing world.

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