Job openings rising, but skills gap remains

The number of job openings in the U.S. hit a record high in January 2018, but the rise in the number of jobs available comes in a hiring climate in which many companies are struggling to find qualified workers for the roles they need to fill.

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Job opportunities abound
Data from the U.S. Labor Department indicates that the number of job openings increased to 6.3 million in January. At the same time, quit rates remain unchanged over previous months. Furthermore, 5.6 million workers were hired during the month, slightly more than the 5.4 million who lost jobs.

"While businesses have lots of jobs to fill, many can't find the right people."

All told, MarketWatch reported that the increase in job openings was a record and a sign of continuation in a nine-year cycle of economic growth.

The skills gap undermines growth
While businesses have lots of jobs to fill, many can't find the right people. A CareerBuilder study found that 68 percent of employers planning to increase staffing of full-time employees currently have open positions they can't fill because they're struggling to identify candidates with the right qualifications. The study estimated that extended job vacancies are costing businesses an average of $800,000 annually.

The skills gap problem has risen to such a degree that more than 60 percent of employers put job listings out only to see them go unfilled for more than 12 weeks. Productivity problems, high turnover and, eventually, lost revenue are all emerging as companies struggle to fill the job roles they have open.

Broadening your search
Businesses trying to fill key positions and avoid letting the skills gap undermine their efforts can benefit from some help, which we can provide using our global network of candidates. Don't wait for the right worker to come to you, come to YES Partners and we'll connect you to skilled and experienced candidates that could prove a natural fit.

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