Great tech talent benefits from great executives

No matter what industry your organization operates in, the right technological capabilities are essential to its success in one way or another. And you can't keep your IT systems running smoothly without the oversight of experienced tech professionals. So it's no surprise that CompTIA's latest research on IT hiring found that talented practitioners of this occupation remain in high demand at 2019's halfway point. Unemployment within the tech sector stands at 1.5%, well below the 3.7% national unemployment rate (which, in itself, is quite low).

There's no denying what highly qualified and experienced IT pros, including software engineers, programmers and hardware experts, can bring to the table for your organization. But while you're reviewing the positive state of American tech employment, don't forget the importance of broad-minded IT executives: The guidance and big-picture vision can benefit your business, and executive search consultants at YES Partners can help you find ideal departmental leaders.

IT talent demand strong across the US economy 
CompTIA's analysis of American tech hiring – which is based on the monthly Employment Situation Summaries issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics – found that the nation's technology sector on its own added just 13,500 new jobs in June. But when looking at the hiring of candidates for IT jobs across organizations in all U.S. industries, a much more robust number surfaces: 135,000 new roles. (In American tech companies, custom software development, computer systems design and computer product manufacturing accounted for most of June's hiring.)

Great tech talent benefits from great executivesIT pros can benefit greatly from the guidance of CTOs and other tech executives.

This supports the belief that all industries are becoming more reliant on advanced technology – including the internet of things, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence – than ever before. Tim Herbert, the executive vice president for research and market intelligence at CompTIA, said as much in a press release announcing the research firm's tech-employment analysis for June. 

"The mid-year tech employment report card shows many positives, reflecting the broad-based employer demand for tech talent," Herbert stated. "Businesses continue to make progress in adopting a range of emerging technologies, with hiring following suit." 

CTOs and CIOs steer the IT ship 
The bona fides of experienced IT staff, ranging from web programmers and software designers to architects of high-echelon UX and data scientists, should not be understated. There are simply no "low-skill" jobs in modern IT. That being said, these pros sometimes work so hard at the specific tasks of their jobs that they can become stressed out or frustrated, and lose sight of the company's large-scale goals for its tech initiatives. 

Chief technology officers and chief information officers serve vital purposes by respectively overseeing the development and upkeep of customer-facing technologies and internal systems. But what sometimes gets lost in the shuffle is these executives' acuity for keeping their halves of a company's overall IT workforce focused on the business's mission (both short- and long-term) and its bottom line, even when deadlines come fast and furious and projects' complexities suddenly multiply. 

YES Partners boasts the global reach and staffing expertise that your organization will need if you seek to bring on a CTO, CIO or both for the first time – or if you must replace existing IT executives whose work no longer syncs up with the company's needs. We've recently placed dozens of these execs in businesses that needed them dearly, as well as other C-level directorial and tech roles including VPs of blockchain technology, chief digital officers, senior analytics directors and machine-learning scientists. 

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Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people for all company functions, across many industries.

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