Hiring for all the right reasons – not just one

A lot of factors go into any hiring decision, and any one of them can end up being the definitive element that drives your organization's recruitment staff to say yes or no. But this poses a curious question: Should a choice as important as a new hire ever be reduced to a single reason? This can ultimately lead to the creation of an uneven workforce.

The potential pitfall of "culture" hires 
There's a considerable amount of focus on company culture in the last few years. In fact, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, it's the most common reason why job applicants choose one offered position over another. Companies also frequently cite culture as the motivating factor – namely, how well a particular job seeker fits into the organization's overall character.

Hiring for all the right reasons - not just oneSeveral different factors should go into every hiring decision.

However, there could be some problems with this approach, according to The Wall Street Journal. Specifically, it's not at all uncommon for hiring managers to think of personal interactions as the most important aspect of culture, as management consultant Kirsta Anderson told the news provider in an interview. 

"What most interviewers are looking for and acting on is more of an intuitive sense of, 'Would I get along with this person?' and that often isn't very reliable," Anderson said. 

Additionally, focusing on that narrow definition of company culture can lead to developing a homogenous team. The key to avoiding this potential pitfall lies in examining culture as the functional features that make a company unique – how you handle R&D, interact with customers, find cooperative common ground between departments and so on – rather than as sets of personal attributes.

Hire based on multiple factors 
It's a mistake to zero in on any one factor when hiring, whether corporate culture or a specific type of experiential (or educational) background ends up being the one thing. The candidates you decide upon should show promise across the board, even if they might have room for improvement in some areas and clear excellence in others. 

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