Is your organization prepared to expand overseas?

These days, businesses rarely remain within the boundaries of nations in which they were founded. Why? The pull of the global economy is simply too great to ignore, as buyers from across the world search for goods and services anywhere they can find them.

Of course, testing the international waters is a difficult task, one that requires immense planning – especially in the area of recruitment. So, before you start scouting international office space, be sure to review these essential strategies for building a global workforce:

Leverage contacts
Although you're only now just developing an international presence, you can expedite the process by developing contacts across the pond, Training Magazine reported. Connect with other overseas companies or, look to a global executive search firm with tried-and-true international experience. This will allow you to cultivate strong local prospects without purchasing a single plane ticket.

You can build your business by taking it overseas.You can build your business by taking it overseas.

Nail down the particulars
As you probably already know, the country in which you plan to expand will have labor laws and corporate tax regulations that differ from the ones here in the U.S. Brush up on these disparities before you dive in, as they will govern how you design and staff your satellite location, according to Fortune. Consequently, the first international employee you probably need to put on your payroll is a corporate accountant. Again, you might try partnering with a seasoned global executive search firm – the recruitment experts that work for these organizations know international labor laws inside and out.

Consider culture
You should definitely account for local culture when establishing your international office, Entrepreneur reported. To survive in this new market and attract top-level leaders, you must embrace the native business community and offer a work environment that meets expectations on the ground. Retained executive search firms with overseas expertise can help with this as well, as the executive search consultants who staff them often work with professionals from around the world and lend insights into regional professional cultures.

Now that you have a handle on the basics, it's time to get started on your international recruitment journey. YES Partners can help! As a leading global executive search firm, we can put you in contact with high-caliber overseas business leaders who have the executive experience and skills to lead your organization into new territory.

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